Adobe Imaging Software Crops RAW Images Without Undo Option

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Today I imported RAW images I shot on the Canon 5D mk3. For a couple of these images I had the camera set to "Add Cropping Information" set to 1:1 ratio. Crop lines are displayed on the camera LCD but you see the full frame outside of the crop when you review the images. To my disappointment, when I imported them into ACR the images appeared cropped to 1:1. I assumed there would be a setting in ACR somewhere where I could turn this aspect ratio info off and apply it later in PS if I still wished (I only used the in camera setting as a guide). Unfortunately it can not be removed. I immediately started to research this and found that this is an intended behaviour and if I wish to uncrop the image I would have to use Canon's own Digital Photo Professional software. Sure enough, the images were intact when viewed there. I can also see the complete file when viewed in MAC preview but as soon as I opened it in any of Adobe's software the crop re-appeared.

How can this be intended behaviour? It's destructive editing! Doesn't it go against the principle of working in RAW? Why make anything that can't be undone? The camera is sending all of the information and Canon's software, Digital Photo Professional, gives you the entire file. Obviously this is the intention of the camera manufacturers.

I think Adobe should re-evaluate it's position on this and give the user the option. Otherwise the feature on the camera is not usable. Upon further research I found this is not just a problem with the Canon 5D mk3 but with many other digital cameras that have the aspect ratio option in its menu. Apparently, Adobe have now started including the option to ignore this crop tag in the exif from the very latest model cameras but have no intention of making it available for previous models...

Adobe! Up to now I've loved your software, please don't make me start disliking you!

Good job I liked the crop because thanks to Adobe it's there to stay!

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Hitech Prostop 10 'v' Lee Big Stopper

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My other half also enjoys photography on an occasional basis but not in to it as I am so when it comes to buying accessories such as filters he tends not to buy the most expensive as he cannot justify the cost against the limited usage. After seeing some of my long exposure images he decided he'd like to give this a go and on our recent trip to "Focus On Imaging" looked at some 10 stop filters. He settled on Hitech for the main reason of cost... 100mm Filter holder and adapter ring, set of 3 Grads and their Prostop 10, all for £250! 

Ive been patiently waiting to see the results of the Hitech Prostop 10 but waiting for Pete to get out and take some photos is like waiting for a bus! So, I stole his nice new filter out of his bag and took it to Brighton with me yesterday to try it out for myself. This being the best way to compare two different filters, same place, time, light and subject. 

I must say I am pleasantly surprised with the Hitech Prostop 10, although there is a definite difference between the two filters (Hitech being a touch warmer) I actually think the Hitech holds it own against the Lee Big Stopper and after processing both images I found it as easy to remove any cast from the Hitech as I did the Lee. Below are the two images I used for comparison, both SOOC. What do you think??

TINA0071 TINA0072

67th Bristol International Salon of Photography 2013

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March 2013


3 images accepted into the

67th Bristol International Salon

Southern Photographic Federation Championships 2013 Silver Medal

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White On White does it again!

Very proud that it has bagged a Judges Silver Medal at the Southern Photographic Federations 2013 Championships held last Sunday 24th March....


Big smiles all round here!


SPF Medal

Associate Distiction with the Royal Photographic Society

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October 2011

Very proud to have gained an Associateship with Royal Photographic Society

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