Loving your desert shots Tina - would love to visit sometime, goodness knows when!
Robin Chun(non-registered)
Hi Tina..I came to your website via twitter/Valda Bailey. and I very much enjoyed my visit, as I'm into some icm at the mo (after discovering the afore mentioned VB) I like your icm images
Great work and I have bookmarked your site and will return often

Mark Chamberlain(non-registered)
Awe inspiring.
Susan Brown(non-registered)
Particularly like 'Buttercup Clouds' - very creative and unusual. Lots of good images.
Tony McClumpha(non-registered)
Hi Tina,

Sincere congratulations for your triumphs last night. Although I was disappointed not to have done better, it is impossible to have sour grapes about not winning when we see the standard you set us. We must all try to be as imaginative and creative in our work as you are with yours. At the moment the rest of us are competent 'recorders' of what we see. We need to learn to see things with an 'artists eye' then we might - just - give you a run for your money! I think that day is some way off yet though.
Mike Camier(non-registered)
Came across your site via a retweet from Doug Chinnery, pleased I took a look. After having a period of reflection where my camera rarely came out of the bag, I also now have a vision of the route I want to go down with my image making. You have some great images which demonstrate your vision.
Sheldon Morton(non-registered)
Just a quick note to say "Your images are Amazing". Thanks for the inspiration...........
Maria L(non-registered)
Stunning work, beautiful images, amazing processing.
Definitely an inspiration!
Your work is Something for me to aspire to, as I'm just getting ready to compile my "L" panel, and I'm panicking!
Colin W Nias(non-registered)
Hi Tina

As always, truly incredible images.
Your work always inspires me.
It was really nice to see you at our club on Thursday. We have some very talented "togs" on board. Hopefully, will see you down this way again some time, if so, please do pop in. You're always welcome.
p.s. Thank You for the lighting set-up, it is serving it's purpose already.
Tali Clair(non-registered)
Hi Tina

Just to let you know, your work is great and the website looks very cool. Thanks for the emails the other day.
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